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Welcome to the practice of Lighthouse Point dentist and prosthodontist Sean E. Yockus, DMD. Dr. Yockus has been providing prosthodontic care to people just like you in Lighthouse Point and Imperial Point, Florida, for more than twenty years.

Teeth are so important! They help us to chew the nutritious food we need to stay healthy, and their appearance is also reflective of us as individuals. As your dentist in Lighthouse Point and Imperial Point, Dr. Yockus recognizes your need to smile with both comfort and confidence.

Most patients are looking for a dentist who is thorough and detail-oriented, and also kind and friendly. Dr. Yockus is all of these – and more! If you’ve been struggling with loose or painful teeth, give us a call and schedule your appointment so that your prosthodontist in Lighthouse Point can perform a comprehensive exam, identify and diagnose the problem, and lay out your treatment options.

Your Lighthouse Point and Imperial Point dentist Dr. Yockus understands and respects the faith and trust required to choose a dentist. At our office, we think of our patients as a part of our family, and we treat you in the way you would like to be treated, listening to and respecting your unique needs and goals.

We invite you to call our office so that we can schedule your first appointment. We’re looking forward to meeting you!


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Sean E. Yockus